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Employing the principles of adult education theory, the curriculum has expanded to include much more than office training, as students now train for careers in healthcare, tourism, hospitality, business, administrative and international studies. Sprott Shaw
has always maintained a sharp focus to provide relevant skills for meaningful jobs in high growth industries.

The modern campuses of Sprott Shaw now train over 4500 students each year. All locations feature small class sizes, qualified instructors, hands-on training and a friendly, appropriate learning environment for adults of all ages. During the past century, Sprott Shaw College has built a solid reputation with both the private sector and government. This reputation is based not only on training excellence, but also on Sprott Shaw graduates’ enviable record of securing successful jobs after training.

In all cases, the College’s goal is to help students to obtain employment at the conclusion of their studies and to open the door for life-long learning.

Year Founded 1903
Type  Private
Location  Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada
  • Undergraduate
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Pre-Masters
Semesters  Program dependent


  • Co-op
  • Business
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Child Care
  • Diploma Bridging


Program dependent.


International Students

Competitive Advantage


We offer more than 100 programs for you to choose from

High-quality Education

We offer accredited, relevant, respected education, and training delivered in a modern way. We are registered with and accredited by prestigious organizations including:

  • Private Career Training Institute Agency (PCTIA) of BC
  • Education Quality Assurance (EQA)
  • National Association of Career Colleges (NACC)
  • The BC Career Colleges Association’s Aim
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Maximum in-class interaction

“Be where instructors know you by name”.  Our small class size ensures the maximum amount of support from instructors and engagement from every student.

Job Placement

We provide our current students and graduates with lifetime job placement assistance.

Canadian Work Experience

We are pleased to offer a variety of programs that contain the highly sought-after Canadian work experience component. The work component primarily involves one of the following types of experience: practicum, co-op education, or clinical placement.

Frequent Intakes

Our programs start every month, unlike other colleges’ semester, trimester, or quarter systems

English Pathway

We accept bridging programs from several language schools which means an easier, faster, and cheaper transition from your English preparation programs.

Affordable tuition & High Return on Investment

Our tuition is relatively lower than most of other Canadian schools of the same type. Students with good academic history can also apply for scholarship.


There are 15 Sprott Shaw campuses located across British Columbia.