About Us

“Four international offices in Vancouver, Beijing, Hangzhou, Manila and global presence in over 10 countries worldwide”

Recruitment Success

Every year, A Plus Student Services send over 200 qualified international students to our partner institutions in North America. Our team is consisted of dedicated consultants from many different countries who speak many languages and really understand the cultures where our students are coming from. Altogether, we believe our knowledge and experience is what made us the best mentors for international students, and our dedication is what will help our partners achieve their goal of campus diversity.

Industry qualifications

f5cac8_ee42cd24ab6450f94a6970d4b721a78dA Plus Student Services is proud to serve you as a certified member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

In Canada, immigration consultants must be members of the ICCRC in order to perform their duties.  Immigration representatives must be either members in good standing of a provincial or territorial law society, including paralegals; members of the Chambre des notaires du Québec; or members of the governing body for immigration consultants (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)).

Bill C-35 strengthens the rules governing those who charge their clients for immigration advice or representation, making it an offence for anyone other than an accredited immigration representative to conduct business, for a fee or other consideration, at any stage of an application or proceeding. It also increases penalties and fines for unauthorized representation and allows for more government oversight in order to improve the way in which immigration consultants are regulated.

professional affiliations

A2015-2016 Plus Students Services is proud to be an ICEF-certified agent.

The ICEF-initiated event creates partnerships between institutions and student recruitment agents focusing on Canada and the USA. The workshop also conducted informative market intelligence seminars and industry presentations that education agencies learned a lot from.

This year’s ICEF North America Workshop brings together reputable education agents, all of which have passed ICEF’s quality screening process, with educators and service providers. Part of the screening process is for agents to provide ICEF a list of their references from existing Canadian and US partners as well as the number of successful student applications per education sector in the previous year.  Screening of participating agents ensures that only active and relevant agencies gain access to the event.